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Nisse Letters Advent calendar! 

Celebrate Christmas with Nisse the elf who normally lives in cold northern Sweden. He is Santa's little helper. Let him move into your home on December 1st, and receive 25 cute and humorous letters, one for each day of the month until Christmas Day. 


The author Malin Bull Wijkman is pleased and excited to send Nisse the Swedish elf off to celebrate Christmas with children and their families all over the world.

One year, instead of giving her sons a classic Swedish Advent calendar with 24 small gifts, Malin wrote letters from Nisse and read one on each day of December to her boys, who were then age 2 and 4 1/2. 


In 2018, Malin published these letters on the Swedish market. The Nisse Letters became a huge success in Swedish homes and a sequel will be released in 2019.

While children are asleep or away from home, Nisse and his extraordinary magical friends, have lots of fun and sometimes play pranks. Nisse writes all about his activities in the letters.

Very little preparation is needed to make the calendar a success, and the letters can save both time and money during the

pre-holiday period when things can be quite stressful.

Look out for Grumblehat! You can´t be sure what pranks he will play if he doesn´t get his cookies...

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