The Swedish Advent Calendar

The Nisse Letters

Who is Nisse?


This tiny elf normally lives in cold northern Sweden and sometimes at the North Pole when he is helping Santa Claus. Nisse is kind, funny and sometimes deeply insightful. He is, after all, more than 700 years old.

Nisse will move into your home on December 1st and leave a letter each day of the month until Christmas Day. The letters include tales of his pranks, quests for the children and other fun activities.

Nisse has many friends, most of whom are not your usual fairytale characters.

Some of them turn up on different occasions, for instance, at a party hosted by Mumbleglum, to celebrate his new trumpet.

You will also learn about all the interesting characters already living in your home, such as Grumblehat, Marshmane, the Cupboard Tuffle and many more.

The day before Christmas Day, Nisse returns to the North Pole to help Santa Claus with all his preparations.

How does it work?

The Nisse Letters Advent calendar is for anyone looking for a unique, personal and fun Advent calendar for the entire family. Some parents may have even more fun than their children.

The Nisse Letters Advent calendar is suitable for children from 3 and up. If there is more than one child in the family and the youngest is younger than 3, he or she can simply tag along with the older one and still have a great time.

This calendar allows children to develop their imagination and experience a magical December. Christmas does not have to be materialistic to be a success.  Let the children be children. In my experience, this is what gives them the most joy.

Choose between two different versions: Standard (one child) or Siblings (several children). The text in the letters has been adapted for use in either warm or cold countries.

You will receive a link to a digital PDF that you can print yourself. 

This contains 25 letters and 2 blank templates for you to fill in if you wish to adapt the content to a particular event during your Christmas preparations. When reading the letters, feel free to change the text to fit your home and family situation.

Let your child find the first letter on the dining table. After that, you can place the letters anywhere in your home and let the child look for them. It will be like a treasure hunt.

Some quests in the letters may seem odd, but explain to the child that this is just the way Swedish elves do things. For instance, you will be sending the children's wish lists to Santa by Freezer Post in the freezer.

All letters are in A5 format.

You will receive suggestions for each Nisse Letter, to make them even more magical. For instance:


Letter 2: Place a few broken matches beside a candle. Make a bed of socks for Nisse and let your child search for the bed.


Letter 13: St. Lucia saffron buns for breakfast? Pour some flour onto the kitchen counter and make tiny footprints in the flour. Set out bread or birdseed for the birds.

There is more information in the PDF you will receive by email.

Have a great Christmas!

 Best wishes from Malin and her two boys.

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