Malin Bull Wijkman

I have always been fascinated by fairytales and stories. Being able to travel to another world and experience epic adventures has enriched my life. Once I had my two boys, I had the perfect excuse to set my imagination free. I have written everything from pirate treasure hunts and gold-hunting quests to various letter concepts and several stories. 

My first big success, both at home with the boys and commercially, was the Nisse Letters Advent calendar. In Sweden, it is common for children to receive a little Advent gift on each day of December until Christmas Eve. I was tired of having to find 48 small Advent gifts (Christmas in Sweden is celebrated on 24 December). It was both time-consuming and expensive. 

My boys appreciate the letters more than toys and they talk about Nisse all year. The boys expect Nisse and his friends to return each Christmas ...

I can only hope that my imagination continues to flourish for years to come.

I wrote the Nisse Letters because I wanted to give my children the opportunity to develop their imagination and experience a magical December. Christmas doesn't have to be materialistic to be a success, and material things will not ensure a happy life. Let the children be children. In my experience, this is what gives them the most joy.

Reading and experiencing adventures together will give you and your children memories for life.

Best regards, Malin

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